Slow Richie’s is a Burger Restaurant and Condiments business based in Peckham, London and run by brothers Richie and Alex Calver.

The journey started in late 2014 with a Pub Kitchen Residency in Central London, where we tested out our Street Food Burger menu. The food went down a storm but we were keen to move out of a pub setting and onto the street, so a Summer and Autumn stint at Camden Market quickly followed in 2015.

Camden Market helped us perfect outdoor cooking to the masses, but hailing from Peckham we soon tired of the early morning trek up to North London and set about finding somewhere locally to sell our food. Brick Brewery was the perfect spot and what started as a couple of weekends trade in late Autumn 2015 soon turned into a 4 and a half year residency growing alongside a great local brewery. 

It’s always been our dream to have our own restaurant in Peckham and in Summer 2020 we were able to find our first bricks and mortar place to call our own. The restaurant brings together our Burgers and Sauces under one roof and we can’t wait to welcome all our customers to our new place.

We are a proud Peckham business, love what is going on in Peckham and work closely with and support other local independent businesses whenever possible, as it should be.

To view our food menu please click here and to buy condiments online visit our webshop by clicking here.